Information about Shell Lake Wisconsin

Cities in America have begun to look more like each other in recent years. Every place is beginning to look like every other place.

Imagine another kind of city on the shore of a beautiful lake where walking has been rediscovered, where streets and sidewalks invite people to stroll, linger and socialize, not just to move on through.

Imagine a city with locally owned businesses with their own character and style, where you can get to know the owners by name.

Imagine buildings that aren't interchangeable with those built by some other developer in another town, but whose look and function are related to their place.

Image a lakefront park that is the highlight of the city, where the community gathers for its civic, cultural and social functions. Imagine a place where there is a melting pot of culture from Puerto Rico to Chinese to Italian.

Image a lakefront performing arts building having an impressive cultural and economic impact on the community by attracting area visitors to the lakefront during the summer and fall seasons.

Imagine a municipal airport designed to leverage time and talent. Our airport makes rapid access to our city possible. Minneapolis St. Paul thirty minutes.

Imagine a beautiful lake. One must see an October moon come up over the lake, listen to the quavering cry of a loon from out of the mist in the early dawn, hear spawning fish breaking water at night or hear the sleepy quacking of a nesting mallard duck to appreciate what the lake means to most of us who live here.

These are the thoughts that come to mind when we think about our exciting, livable, progressive, up north community, the city of Shell Lake.